Landscape maintenance resources including sod and general plant care sheets are accessible here after installation.

Hardscape product catalogs and irrigation controller manuals are available to download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How much will my project cost?

We are happy to meet with you on-site and provide you with free estimates. There are many factors that go into a project, depending on the scope, the type of materials, access, amount of labor.

When will my project be scheduled?

As soon as we receive the signed contract and 50% deposit payment, we will add your project to our schedule. Start dates are typically 8-12 weeks thereafter. We will give you an approximate start date and contact you within a few days of starting your project.

Can I give you the 50% payment on the day you start the project?

50% deposits are required along with the signed contract in order to schedule your project. This allows us to order and purchase materials in advance. We will email you a contract for signature and the 50% deposit check can be mailed to our office: 3065 SW 178th Ave. Aloha, OR 97003

Installing Your Project

Can I pay using a credit card?

Yes, We accept cash, check, and credit cards with the added merchant service fee.

Will I need to move my car from the driveway?

The client must provide ample access to the job site and project areas. Any obstacles (like outdoor patio furniture, miscellaneous yard art, pet waste) or vehicles that impede access to the job must be relocated prior to the start date.

Do you warranty plants?

There is a one-year warranty on plant material from the date of installation. This warranty is void without a professional irrigation system. Loss of plant material due to pet urine or damage, extreme weather or acts of nature is exempt from warranty.

Will I need an electrician for outdoor lighting?

For low voltage lighting, only an accessible outdoor outlet is required. If you do not have an outdoor outlet, a licensed electrician would be required to install one.

What if I change my mind during the project and want to add more work?

Any changes to the contracted work can be made via change order. Change orders will be written for approval. A larger change order may be scheduled at a later date.


Do you warranty irrigation systems?

Yes, we offer a one-year warranty on any new irrigation system installation. Temporary irrigation systems are not included in the one-year warranty.

How do I learn how to program the irrigation controller?

Most irrigation manuals are available for download. The homeowner is responsible for maintaining and programming installed irrigation controllers. This includes replacing the battery, seasonal programming. Irrigation service visits are available upon request for training.

How can I request for you to winterize my irrigation system and what does it include?

Winterization services typically take place between Oct 20th-Oct 31st. (Any irrigation activation requested after Nov, 1st is considered a regular service call) Use our online request form. The service includes: shutting off the water to your system, winterizing the backflow preventer, opening the drain valves and leaving valve/s partially open.

What about winterizing the irrigation controller? (aka timer/clock) Do you need access to turn off my system?

We can access everything we need outside in the covered valve boxes. Either leave the irrigation controller ON/AUTO or turn it to the OFF position. We recommend leaving it ON and plugged in to maintain the programming.

How will I know the irrigation service has been performed?

Invoices will be emailed after the service is complete. Please include the best email address to use for the invoice on the request form.

How do we schedule the spring activation of the irrigation system and what is included?

Use our online request form. Our spring activation includes a full zone-by-zone inspection of your irrigation system. This includes re-pressurizing the system, checking the zones, heads, and nozzles for damage* and coverage. If you know something is wrong with the system, like a broken sprinkler head, please flag the location, mention it on the request form. *Any replacement parts or broken pipes that require trenching or will be billed separately. Spring Activation requests occur before May 1st. (Any irrigation activation requested after May 1st is considered a regular service call)

Do you test the irrigation backflow device each year?

Our installation of the backflow device for the irrigation system starts with us pulling the permit with the appropriate jurisdiction (your city). After we install the backflow device, we have the device tested before final inspection. After passing the inspection, it is up to the homeowner to maintain current testing each year. The homeowner’s address is on file when we apply for the device permit. You should receive annual notifications from your water district.

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